Our Company

Orange e-Commerce was concieved to provide tailored web & systems consulting services to small and medium sized busnesses, based upon the solid experience of our owners. In addition to offering expertise in web technologies, we have 15+ years of hands on experience with fulfillment, order entry, purchasing, shipping and compliance systems. With so many options available today, from multi-user to cloud based systems, Orange e-Commerce can be your advocate in systems selection, integration, and implementation.

Your Tech Advocate

We start with a initial meeting, preferably in person, designed to gather your requirements, concerns, and to understand your needs, goals, and constraints. We will then provide you with a recap of the meeting and restate what needs to be accomplished to reach your goals. As your advocate, our role is to advise, educate, and otherwise partner with you until a successful roadmap has been established. Once established, this roadmap can be used to invite other partners or to continue with Orange e-Commerce.

Example Engagements

From something as simple as a weekly activities checklist for creating Facebook entries to full blown e-marketing campaigns, we're here to help you navigate the technical labrynth. We've provided tech support for customers looking to integrate online orders into Quickbooks, create web-based landing pages for product sales campaigns, update older websites to be fully mobile responsive, and more.